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Quick Siphon

Manufactured from UV stabilised solvent resistant clear hose, it enables the easy transfer of liquids.  The swaged solid brass and copper mechanism has a stainless steel spring and an ‘A‘ Grade glass ball.  The shaker mechanism is inserted into the full container and liquid is transferred with a “shaking” (up and down) motion.

Suitable for water, petrol, diesel, paraffin and two stroke pre-mix.

Quick Siphon
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  • Pipe lengths 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5 m & 3m
  • Pipe diameter 12mm

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Only use rated Alloy Recovery Bow Shackles during a recovery

Unrated 'd' shackles should not be used during a recovery as the shackle is not designed to withstand the stresses and angle of the forces during a recovery. Only use rated alloy recovery bow shackles.

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