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25mm (750kg) Cam buckle tie down system

25mm cam buckle soft loop tie down with karabiner hooks made specifically for tying down motorcycles on trailers or the back of a pickup. The soft loop won’t scratch or damage the motorcycle’s handle bar or forks. The karabiner hooks will prevent the tie down from unhooking in the securing point in the event that the suspension compresses while in transport.

Compact and light in weight, Cam buckle Lashings are ideal for securing light loads, the tension being applied by pulling the Lashing mechanism tight. The Lashing release mechanism operates by depressing the thumb bar. No pre-tensioning of the webbing is possible.

01152 25mm Cam buckle tie down system 750kg
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  • Choice of 4 systems
  • Endless or two part versions
  • 25mm wide polyester webbing
  • WLL 375 kg
  • MBS 750 kg
  • LENGTHS 1m+
 Two PartEndless
Minimum break strength (MBS)750kg 
Rated assembly strength375kg750kg
Buckle material:Steel/Zinc alloySteel/Zinc alloy
Buckle finish:Zinc plated and passivatedZinc plated and passivated


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