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"Recover Right" says Land Rover Owners Namibia!

25Feb / 2016

"Recover Right" says Land Rover Owners Namibia!

Vehicle Equipment Recovery Training facilitated by SecureTech and Bushwhackers

On the 13th February 2016, members of Land Rover Owners Namibia (LRON) were given a great opportunity to learn more about recovery equipment and how to use it safely and correctly; be it to recover another vehicle or themselves. The training took place on the farm Teufelsbach not far from Windhoek and was made possible by Simon Retief and Dave Weeks from Bushwhackers, one of Windhoek's leading 4X4, camping and outdoor suppliers as well as Michael Green and Henk Vallentgoed from SecureTech, a South African manufacturer of a vast range of recovery equipment and industrial supplies.


During the morning, the training took place under the campsite’s lapa and large shady trees adjacent to the farm’s dry river bed. Once the importance of working with correctly-fitting gloves was explained, members were shown the various recovery items from different bow shackles, snatch blocks and their ratings to different types of recovery straps, tree trunk protector strap, recovery bridles and the all so important safety lanyards. All the recovery item displayed, were explained in detail with particular importance placed on the information label on the recovery straps and thus their correct application. During the briefing, members could inspect the various equipment and different scenarios were discussed in detail by all present.

4x4 training

After lunch and refreshments, which were kindly provided by Bushwhackers, the club members were lured away from the shady surroundings to witness putting the equipment into action in a correct and safe manner. Several mock failed recovery attempts were also arranged, with the strap tearing and catapulting back into an old bonnet set up against a tree trunk, denting and even puncturing the bonnet.

4x4 recovery gear

Upon completion of the training, comments such as "we learned a lot about a subject which is often overlooked and underrated until one has to do it” as well as "most informative day", “immeasurably excellent" were gratefully received from the LRON members.

To round of the successful training day, SecureTech gave away sets of gloves and other items to the club members with the request for a donation for the Bushwhackers supported “Save the Rhino Trust”. The donations by the club members came to N$ 3650.00 and Micheal and Henk from SecureTech then also donated another 2000.00 each to the pot, enabling Bushwhackers to hand over 7650.00 to the Save the Rhino Trust.

4x4 recovery training

Land Rover Owners Namibia appreciates the opportunity for this educational weekend given to its members and looks forward to future training events.

Should you be the proud owner of a Land Rover of any model and would like to receive more information about ‘Land Rover Owners Namibia’, receive the events calendar or wish to join, please contact: or call 081 124 5745

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